Dieter, 24.10.2007

Hier ist ein Beitrag von Dieter De Potter aus Belgien. Dort sind Zhang und Yu Laoshi schon eigetroffen und haben etwas aus dem Nähkästchen geplaudert. Dieter berichtet was:

Hey everybody,

I would like to let everybody enjoy the lesson in chinese culture of martial arts that we had last tuesday.

Both Yu Laoshi and Zang Laoshi has given there own perspective but mainly there own experience on the relationship between student and teacher.
And from this story i want to give you guys a little summary.

Both Zhang and Yu Laoshi told us that for the first minute to now on their teacher set the pace of the progres of the students. Often they got one excercise and had to work on this for months even years sometimes. for one exercise. And if it was good than they would learn another, but when it was not good they just had to practice harder until the teacher was satisfied. And we are talking about excercise not forms.
Also both of them had to work their way up from basics over intermediate to the experts they are now today. Without any shortcuts.

After this they went over to the respect that you need to show your teacher because you know that he had to go through the same way and had to make the same sacrifices that you will have to face. So because of this fact Zhang, even to this day, when ever he visits his teacher he is standing next to his teachers chair and serves him tea or what ever his teacher wants. He went even so far that when his teacher sad he could sit down and join him in drinking tea he refused and stayed next to his teachers chair.
He also told us that some teachers demand this from there students and you won´t have any progress if you don’t pay this respect.

Jochen Wolfgramm

Jochen Wolfgramm Geboren am 25. Mai 1965, studierte erst in Münster Philosophie, Sinologie und Germanistik, beendete 1998 seine Ausbildung zum Physiotherapeuten (Sportphysiotherapeut seit 2000) und arbeitet seitdem in diesem Beruf. Seit 1989 betreibt er Gong Fu. Erst Qi Xing Tang Lang und Taiji Quan, jetzt Babu Tang Lang, Tong Bei Quan und Taiji Quan.

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