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Mike Martello’s Nachlass: Part 3

Heute poste ich ein Satement über Taiji das Mike seinerzeit verschickt hat. Es ist interessant und es gibt einen Einblick, in was er dachte:

„Supposing that a person trains for 20 years in „external“ arts then trains for another 15 years focusing on „internal“ systems.. then, they insightfully apply the internal principles to all their techniques.. I suggest that they have evolved their fighting skills to be „internal“.. Taiji is just a word, its principles are universal, and we sometimes come off as elitist when we battle of definitions..

There are too many people assuming that the only evidence of a „fighter“ is found in sanctioned ring-style matches.. the evidence, by my standards, is observable when the MAist has to use it for real.. it’s a different dynamic on the street, i’ve seen too many „good ring-fighters‘ get trashed in the streets.. Most people train for self-defense, not to be the next UFC champion.. It’s almost comical how many students choose their art based on the current dominating style or fighter in sanctioned matches… The single most important quality is the student’s dedication, almost any Martial Art will serve the dedicated student well…

There’s nothing magical about it, if someone trains diligently, follows up with the associated QiGongs, meditations, drills, and fight-training.. all the tools you „need“ are available for SanShou, or any other purpose.. Remember, there are people out there that have retained „original Yang“, spirals, FaJing, conditioning, speed, etc….

From my experience(s), Taiji is more than the forms.. it is a set of principles that can be applied to external as well as internal situations.. the principles are universal, from combat to making love.. It is the narrowly focused or those with limited vision that seek to confine Taiji to some rigid traditional set of movements.. Taiji is living dynamic Art, it evolves in the same manner it was created.. through the insights and diligence of dedicated people..


„the teacher that is not also a student is neither“

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