Sifu, Mittwoch 26.09.2007

So, mittlerweile bin ich ja der einzige hier, der noch Einträge macht. Egal, will mal die letzten Leser hier über das International Martial Art Camp auf dem Laufenden halten.
Aus einer Rundmail von Sifu Martello:

Dear Friends,

We hope this message finds you all in good health and joyful spirits.
A month has passed since our China adventure, and we are happy to say that the First Beijing International Martial Arts Camp has been a great success, many thanks to all the participants, it is you who made it all possible!

The 2007 Camp was a Pilot Program, and we would like to thank all our pioneer students in helping us acquiring the knowledge and experience to improve our camp, and to ensure the quality of future events. Due to the success of the First Camp, we are confident in making our camp a yearly event. So, without any further ado, we hereby proudly announce:


To pave the way to the Olympics, in July 2008 we will engage in four
weeks of intense training (8 hours a day), which includes:

– more Qigong
– more Sanda/Shuaijiao
– more Pushing Hands
– more Weapons Training
– more Specialized Training
– more Great Times

The dates for next year`s camp are:

Trip A (4 week program) : 1st July – 28th July 2008
Trip B (2 week program) : 15th July – 28th July 2008

Training Location(s):
– Dragon Springs Hotel Longquan Binguan
– Jietai Temple

A detailed PDF brochure with explanation of prices, training schedule, sightseeing program and more, is in the making and will be sent to you in the following weeks.

Don`t miss this great training opportunity, KEEP your schedule open for JULY 2008, and JOIN US for better training, more sightseeing and great food!


Best regards,

Mike Martello
Zhang Xinbin
Rene Ming Fai Ho

Jochen Wolfgramm

Jochen Wolfgramm Geboren am 25. Mai 1965, studierte erst in Münster Philosophie, Sinologie und Germanistik, beendete 1998 seine Ausbildung zum Physiotherapeuten (Sportphysiotherapeut seit 2000) und arbeitet seitdem in diesem Beruf. Seit 1989 betreibt er Gong Fu. Erst Qi Xing Tang Lang und Taiji Quan, jetzt Babu Tang Lang, Tong Bei Quan und Taiji Quan.

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