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Mike Martello’s Nachlass Part 4

Zwischen den Jahren poste ich den letzten Teil unserer Nachlass Reihe. Er gibt einen kritischen Blick auf mein eigenes Training und meine eigenen Schwierigkeiten bei der Umstellung damals. Ich hoffe es regt zum Nachdenken an, was Mike dazu zu schreiben hatte:

„Hello Everyone,

As I told Jochen I wanted to comment on or about the weekend… Took me  few days to digest your training and for me to relax some…

Jochen already wrote me back his assessment of his training and he was very hard on himself…. Which I am glad for the honest opinion about yourself Jochen! I cannot argue… 😛

I really want to say first I was very happy and pleased with everyone and there staying over… You guys trained hard and did not complain… You guys trained as one group together even though you just you met… So am very happy and the weekend was very good for me… When students learn and I see improvement and ideas sinking in, I feel I have accomplished something good with you guys…

We all have our problems with our bodies and training habits no doubt, each one of is different and has different needs for the body, mind, spirit… I rather let you assess your training habits and see if they are good enough for yourself to grow… I can teach you but really in the end its up to you… If you take my knowledge and do nothing with it, then I and you fail!!!

As teacher Wang tells me, „To nourish one’s skills through real combat, to complete one’s teachings through masters‘ guidance…“

For you guys the second half of this is most important to be with a god teacher…. the first half refers not to fighting combat for you, but your daily lives, how well do you integrate the idea in your life’s!!!!

So that’s it, Jochen thought I was going yell at everyone, not needed, I think you guys know for yourselves by now to believe your own training is good or not enough….

best to all, and get your asses here again fast!

mike laoshi“

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