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Mike Martello’s Nachlass: Part 2


Wie versprochen poste ich heute einen weiteren Einblick in Mikes eMails:

Wir sprachen über jemanden, der wie wir zu einem früheren Zeitpunkt auch, auf der Suche war. Ich versuchte zu vermitteln und stieß auf heftige Abwehr, was mich doch sehr überraschte. Das brachte Mike zu folgendem Kommentar:

By the look of him from his website on sports and ideas I read there, its better he finds people who he can relate to more, in body and in mind… Let him attach himself to just that and he will find his way… From what I see he is attaching to the flash and speed and coolness of the ideas behind CMA.. Not really in the position to realize what he wants from CMA…. Like so many who go into CMA and stay for a long time… its okay at least he found what he likes…..So….

Truly I am not upset or saddened…  I know your efforts are pure and wanted to get them to ask or invite me over.. Like a little push for them… But its okay..  I understand your grief but, dont worry just let it be… You have found a new path to follow by questioning your old path and coming to a realization that FOR YOU , you where traveling an empty path… It takes many years of walking that road before one day you wake up and a light pops in your head…. Then you are puzzled and dont know how to find what is puzzling you??? In fact you dont even know why, but just something internal tells you!!! and it begins….

Just as I have traveled and wondered for years… Searching…. Now Days…..  I know my path and what I do is correct and bringing me closer to my goals of reaching in CMA… It is not for everyone what I offer to learn, just as I am still learning and will continue to learn…

But there is a difference, is that I let go of the past and past knowledge and come to peace with it… If one holds on that is a stiffness and that causes blockages… Not that I dont practice the past… I just dont hold onto it and put a value to it….

For example.. many students here learned many ideas from past masters… they hold onto is as „its thiers“ and because the teacher showed them a move or form or what ever, they treasure it and treat it like its magic…

For example , The other day Rosa was training with a Guy WUSHU and the Guy says to Rosa „want to see a real killer idea, i never showed this before, but the bejing team showed me, and its real killer..!!!“ It was just a Calisthenic jumping  excerise with punches added to make it more cardio like… But the point is, he was shown it by a bejing wushu team member and he feels its his now, and that its the real deal…. because THEY showed it… That is the mentality of many CMA… They hold onto things because if they let it go that means all there training has become worthless and all the time put is was wasted and they are nothing… This is a real realization that must be confronted and dealt with… Other wise one will not or never grow.!!!

here is another ex… A student went to a semianr last week and afterwars the Teachers said to my student, „How many years have you training with us now? You are a good student!!“

DO you understand? Thye only go to workshops with them, maybe one a year or two years, and the teachers make them feel like they are real students… Students of what I ask? Workshops??? That makes a honorary teacher student realationship… Just because the teacher was chinese they felt like WOW I am a student of them….

Then I think, I cook and teach and drink and let them stay over my house, learn after class just by hanging out and I will say practice this or that… But they never say WOW!!!!

They took a workshop and they are like WOW??? I dont get it and I do get it????

Here is another one, the other day i get  a call from Taiwan, someone I know there… and they are asking me tons of internal questions.. So I ask are you studing any Tai Chi? They say well I learned the 24 form but I dont like it, because I learned another taichi form from a famous master and it is great??? So i stopped them and said its not the form or who the form is from… Doesnt matter if famous or not!!!

Its the engine that is important not the form or who taught it is famous or not…. You see the attachment to the idea they learned from a fomous teacher so it is better… they hold on like it will give them magic….

So I just laugh…..

So am I upset no way….  Just makes me realize even more what and why I do what I do is correct!!!!

I hope you can follow the logic and understand….

mike sifu“

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