Dieter, 19.11.2007

Hey everybody,

I just want to let everybody know how the two seminars in osnabrück were.

For sure I (and I think everybody there) had a great time. The first seminar me, magaly, stefan, vincent, andy and david accompanied mike laoshi, zhang laoshi and yu laoshi to germany.
After a long but fun drive with only one problem (my gps system failed) and one small detour we arrived around 11 Am at Jochens school in osnabruck. There we were warmly welcomed as always by a few of his student.
For the first seminar, Class started around 1 o’clock and lasted to 7:30 PM. In that period of time we did some basic warming up with Mike laoshi, Tongbei with Zhang Laoshi, Shuai Jiao with Yu Laoshi and we ended we some Qinna from Mike Laoshi. So as you can see we had a busy program.
The fun part is that you can switch in the partner drills with so many different people. People that you had never seen before. All different kind of people, with different backgrounds and martial training. This makes the training so much more interesting. You learn so much more about yourself, your training and improvement. That seven hours of training goes by like nothing. Of course training with three so high qualified teachers adds also to the high level and fun part of training.
After training we went with most of the group to eat at the local thai restaurant. With great food and a lot of fun. Because than you can talk with all those guys in a relaxed way about kung fu, other interests and of course joke around a lot.
After the restaurant a small delegation of us went to the school and stayed the night there. because of the long drive, long and hard training most of us were really tired and went to bed very quickly. Because next day was again a training day.
The next day went more or less the same way. except after training we ate some pizza and then drove back to Belgium around 8PM.
The second weekend, this past weekend, me,olli, vincent, luk accompanied the two teacher to germany. Mike stayed home because of sicknes. But Mike we all missed you. And I had to say hello and wish you a fast recovery from everybody there.
This weekend we concentrated on Yi Quan, Xing Yi Quan, Yi Quan partner drills and a little Shuai jiao. All was very interesting, really, and hard, of course :-). But because the Yi Quan was made out of Xing Yi Quan it was very interesting to study both.
Again training was a lot of fun, with a lot of sweat. Because mike laoshi is apparently not the only one who knows some heavy warming up excercises that looks easy but are not easy.
After training we went to a real german restaurant. Wich, to our surprises 😉 , was also very good and a lot of fun although it was with a much smaller group than last time.
Again we went to bed rather quickly and the next day we trained again. Ate a pizza and drove back home.
Don’t think because the two days are very similar we didn’t have a good time. But we did. Jochens students and participants from other schools were very nice, very focused on martial arts and just all good guys and girls to hang out with. So Hopefully next time more and more people will go with us to these and other seminars, demonstrations and competitions.

At last I wanna thank Jochen again for the great seminar, the good time and the good organization. Knowing that it is not so easy. Thanks very much and see you next time.
I also wanna thank mike laoshi for his participation in the seminar and especialy for bringing the two teachers to Belgium and so giving us the possibility to train with them.
Please also thank the teachers from me for the great lessons and the great time.

So if anybody wants to add something or give some comments. Please do.


Jochen Wolfgramm

Jochen Wolfgramm Geboren am 25. Mai 1965, studierte erst in Münster Philosophie, Sinologie und Germanistik, beendete 1998 seine Ausbildung zum Physiotherapeuten (Sportphysiotherapeut seit 2000) und arbeitet seitdem in diesem Beruf. Seit 1989 betreibt er Gong Fu. Erst Qi Xing Tang Lang und Taiji Quan, jetzt Babu Tang Lang, Tong Bei Quan und Taiji Quan.

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